The organization holds several training conferences throughout the year in various locations within the state hosted by the local Crime Stoppers program in the area. These conferences provide a central location for valuable networking opportunities.

Training classes are provided for board members and law enforcement coordinators on various aspects of running a Crime  Stoppers program from tip handling to paying rewards and managing grants. Trainers are often called upon from the vast knowledge base within the states own seasoned program members. These members not only volunteer their time but also their experience with other members.

Annual training is held with the Florida Attorney General’s Office, ensuring that programs receive up to date information regarding Trust Fund application and reporting requirements.

Other services provided by the organization include:

  • An operations manual to assist new programs to establish and guide established Crime Stoppers programs.
  • Overseeing training and organizing forums for the exchange of ideas.
  • Operating this web site with free information and links to other member programs.



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