The Florida Association of Crime Stoppers (FACS) is a statewide umbrella organization operated by a volunteer board of directors from the 31 Crime Stoppers programs throughout the state of Florida. FACS provides recommended guidelines and “best practices” to ensure consistency and continuity of the crime stoppers’ mission. Although FACS has some statutory authority, member programs are autonomous and sovereign.  The aim of FACS is to help establish local programs, provide ongoing training, advocacy and mentoring to established programs and new programs alike. The various programs within the communities statewide fund FACS through their membership dues.


Just one year after the first Crime Stoppers program in the country was born, Central Florida Crime Watch Program, now Central Florida Crimeline, was formed on June 6th, 1977.  Fueled by its overwhelming success, the idea caught on quickly. Together with a hand full of new and successful programs, the need for a centralized organization to facilitate the flow of information and to spread the crime stoppers model around the state grew. On December 13, 1983 the FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF CRIMELINES ANONYMOUS, INC., was duly organized as a not for profit corporation under the Florida Not for Profit Corporation Act.

The name of the organization was officially changed to the FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF CRIME STOPPERS, INC., September 4, 1991, and by that time there were 16 Crime Stoppers programs receiving tips and paying rewards. By 1996 founding members of the now 19 strong organization, seeing the need for more stable funding in order to expand the model, presented the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers association members the notion of a "Crime Stoppers Trust Fund". A committee of seasoned Crime Stoppers veterans set out to present and advocate for this cause and in 1997 F.S.S. 16.555, the “Crime Stoppers Trust Fund" was signed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  It is because of their efforts that today we boast a 32 program strong organization. And we thank them for their efforts.

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